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*Spam Alert* - Etsy Shop - Jewelry - Free Banners - Community Give Away

So my faithful community members. (Those that are still here)

I'm spamming - but I have a semi-relevant purpose behind it.

I started in Graphic Design. This was my jumping off post. I've since been a professional graphic designer for the past ten years. Thanks guys for giving me that inspiration.

-The Spam-
Something is driving me lately to continue forward into a new direction. Who doesn't love jewelry? Well, I don't wear much, but I enjoy making it. If you have an Etsy account, and you like my designs, PLEASE favorite my shop. I can create custom designs for weddings, sororities, anything you can think of.

-The Design Aspect-
If you are an Etsy member and want a basically FREE banner designed by me (I do no pre-made, I only work with you one on one) Click on this link there are 8 left. The catch for a free banner is I want a positive review only if you think I am deserving of it.

If you are last in line I will be offering etsy banners for $10 after that.

-The Community Giveaway-
10 years ago I had 200,000+ members. I don't know the full amount because livejournal didn't count higher than that. I still have over 100,000. (oops, wrong, 99,996 members) This is just too many numbers to ignore. I no longer use livejournal but that doesn't mean this community should go to waste.

I am offering this community to someone who is willing, dedicated and most of all, TALENTED! Once it's yours, you can do whatever you want with it. I will not give this to just anyone. I want to see a portfolio. Examples of your dedication (in any way you can show me.) If you just sort of like livejournal or designing, please don't contact me. I want true love. Just like I had in the beginning that lead me to an entire career.

Thanks guys. If this is my last post, I won't EVER FORGET just how much fun I had doing what I loved the most.
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It's been a million years!

So it has been a million years since I posted to this community. I'm not sure if any of you remember me or how many livejournals I used to make back in the day, but I made a LOT. I hope you wlll be happy to hear, through my work and "practice" making these journals for all of you, I made an actual career out of graphic design. I've been working for the same guy for around seven years. In fact, I design ebay stores and ecommerce for one of the top ebay store designers. (We're like #2 on google and I'm his sole designer!)

Anyways, I'm using this platform to see for one, if I have any viewers left. I doubt it. But two, because my boss started a raffle. It's a (Don't stop reading it's for a good cause!) it's a $5 raffle for a computer valued at over $3,000. The cause is for Children Unlimited. And he's only selling a 1000 tickets, so you kinda got a good shot. The website is... dun dun dun

did you hear that? !!

Check it out.

oh and because I'm showing my boss this post *coughs*

Ok this is not enough. For the person who buys the most tickets and shows proof I will make a custom livejournal for them. Message me at (lets be real, 3 tickets is probably the winner)
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*News & New Public Post*

I promised you spam so here it is!

I have not been making as many layouts as usual because carriep63 and I have joined forces with our design and coding skills! She has one of the largest layout communities on livejournal as well, freelayouts and the ever so helpful everything_lj (which taught me everything I know!). We have created a brand new web design site and dumpster for all our layouts! We spent a lot of time and deliberation on this, but we're both happy with the outcome. This is the official launch of the website. The first day it is Open For Business. :D

The website will eventually contain free livejournal layouts from the two of us. (some that will not be posted at our communities).

It is currently open for custom web design.

Feel free to let us know what you think and what features you would eventually like to see there.


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