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Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

*Spam Alert* - Etsy Shop - Jewelry - Free Banners - Community Give Away

So my faithful community members. (Those that are still here)

I'm spamming - but I have a semi-relevant purpose behind it.

I started in Graphic Design. This was my jumping off post. I've since been a professional graphic designer for the past ten years. Thanks guys for giving me that inspiration.

-The Spam-
Something is driving me lately to continue forward into a new direction. Who doesn't love jewelry? Well, I don't wear much, but I enjoy making it. If you have an Etsy account, and you like my designs, PLEASE favorite my shop. I can create custom designs for weddings, sororities, anything you can think of.


-The Design Aspect-
If you are an Etsy member and want a basically FREE banner designed by me (I do no pre-made, I only work with you one on one) Click on this link https://www.etsy.com/listing/194074003/etsy-banner-store-promotion? there are 8 left. The catch for a free banner is I want a positive review only if you think I am deserving of it.

If you are last in line I will be offering etsy banners for $10 after that.

-The Community Giveaway-
10 years ago I had 200,000+ members. I don't know the full amount because livejournal didn't count higher than that. I still have over 100,000. (oops, wrong, 99,996 members) This is just too many numbers to ignore. I no longer use livejournal but that doesn't mean this community should go to waste.

I am offering this community to someone who is willing, dedicated and most of all, TALENTED! Once it's yours, you can do whatever you want with it. I will not give this to just anyone. I want to see a portfolio. Examples of your dedication (in any way you can show me.) If you just sort of like livejournal or designing, please don't contact me. I want true love. Just like I had in the beginning that lead me to an entire career.

Thanks guys. If this is my last post, I won't EVER FORGET just how much fun I had doing what I loved the most.
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